User Permissions & Data Access

User Permission functionality for Metis reporting makes data accessible and useful for the people who need it, without compromising your security or workflows.

Data security isn’t something you usually hear about unless it’s bad news. But at Cold Creek, we think our User Permission and Data Access functionality is worthy of a closer look.

The Challenge

As any major marketer or ad agency executive can tell you, managing data security for large advertising campaigns is critical. You want your partners, clients, and internal staff to get access to all the data they need, but only to the data they should see. You want your client data appropriately segregated and secured. You also want granting and restricting data access to not be time-consuming and complicated.

The Solution

User Permission and Data Access is a feature of Metis that uses Discretionary Access Control protocols to control data access and distribution both internally and externally reporting. Our User Permission and Data Access functionality is integrated into the core of the Metis Marketing Analytics platform so that data access privileges are seamlessly managed throughout the platform.

You decide for your stakeholders:

  • What reports they can run
  • How they can configure their reports
  • Whether they can create and update user accounts
  • What data is displayed to them
  • How their personalized dashboard is configured


Our User Permission and Data Access feature lets you determine the exact levels of access with an easy-to-use interface to ensure everyone gets what they need to do their best work.

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