Real-Time, Hourly Data
Data Stitching
Routing and Testing Capabilities
No Switching Costs

Metis Marketing Analytics Platform

Fast, comprehensive big data analytics solutions. Built by marketers, for marketers.

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What We Offer

The Metis Marketing Analytics Platform is a different approach to marketing analytics. It’s much more than a simplified reporting platform. Our scalable, custom-built processing stack stitches together transactional log files from multiple systems to give you the most complete, granular marketing data sets available. Layered on top is our customizable dashboard, with easy graphing and advanced data visualization.


Cold Creek products are created by experienced engineers who worked in the trenches. They built Metis because traditional tools don’t fill the needs of today’s marketers.


A simple, guided process helps you ask questions of your data in just minutes. No other marketing analytics product answers your queries as quickly and accurately.


Comprehensive data and actionable answers lead to better strategy. Stay ahead of your competitors with up-to-date numbers and deeper insights.

The Cold Creek Advantage

Always up-to-date data at your fingertips, processed and stitched together orders of magnitude faster than any other vendor. Improve your analytics, strategy, and your bottom line.

  • Real-Time, Hourly Data
  • Data Stitching
  • Routing & Testing Capabilities
  • No Switching Costs

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The Metis Marketing Analytics Platform gives you the tools to know if your marketing efforts are bringing value to your company. Take a look at our full range of products and contact us for a free demonstration.

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