About Us

We are a team of marketing experts with a passion for analytics and data-driven marketing strategies.

Our Approach

We take a different approach to marketing analytics. We focus on aggregating the most granular data we can acquire and track only the metrics that lead to actual profit generation for you. We know that marketing budgets live and die by profit generation. Effective marketing optimization requires more than a good algorithm. Many other marketing analytics and reporting tools claim their algorithms auto-optimize your advertising and audience targeting. If it were possible for an algorithm to auto-optimize profitability across the entire marketing funnel then you wouldn’t need a marketer.

Our Promise

Our People

Our founders and executives bring decades of experience from the trenches of marketing, data analytics, and finance.

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The Metis Marketing Analytics Platform gives you the tools to know if your marketing efforts are bringing value to your company. Take a look at our full range of products and contact us for a free demonstration.

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